Welcome to the Aclipsa Mobile Video Platform

Our Software as a Service makes it easy for app developers to build video content and video messaging apps, as well as text messaging apps. Whether you are creating a new app or enhancing an existing app, our SDK and secure servers will have you streaming video in no time.

Once the SDK is in your app, you have choices. Video can be uploaded from a mobile device or a dedicated web portal. From there we transcode the video into multiple HLS streams to create the perfect balance between video quality and a mobile device’s current network connection. Videos stream from the Platform, ensuring that load times are as quick as possible and that videos never live on a user’s device. Aclipsa’s Platform also enables you to manage viewership permissions and controls online. You can choose what users can watch which videos, track how much of video each user watched, and remove a viewer’s access to a video if you change your mind.

The Aclipsa SaaS Service

First upload a video from a mobile device or a web browser. Aclipsa transcodes it into into multiple HLS streams to strike the right balance between video quality and the quality of the mobile device’s current network connection.

Then you simply indicate which users can watch the video. It’s streamed to them from our content delivery network, ensuring that load times are as quick as possible.

We track how much of a given video each user has watched and automatically resume playback where they left off.

Send a message from one user to another by specifying the sender’s user ID, the IDs of the recipient(s), message text, and optionally a video.

Retrieve a list of messages, group them into conversations, and show them to the user.

We provide SDKs for iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.0+, making it easy to access every feature of our system.


With a few simple calls you can:

  • Upload videos from a mobile device and add any custom attributes.
  • Request a list of videos with specific built-in and custom attributes.
  • Stream a video with full OS-native video player controls.
  • See the percentage watched by a particular user.


In addition to the above video capabilities, you can also:

  • Create a new message with sender and recipient(s) and include message text and/or a video.
  • Request a list of sent and received messages for a particular user, filtered by your custom attributes.
  • Determine which recipients have viewed a message and which have taken a screenshot of a video.
  • Forward, reply to, delete, or retract a message.

All data on Aclipsa servers is protected with 256-bit AES encryption, and communication between devices and the server is always secured with 128-bit AES SSL.

You can optionally add encryption to a video to ensure that it isn’t stored or shared by recipients.

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